Wednesday 23 March 2005

i've come to fix the fridge

Darkness falls, the warmth of spring slowly creeps through the rustling grass. She sees his eyes glistening in the moonlight. He is drawn to the soft glow of her radiant skin. He makes a low grunting sound and edges towards her slowly. She waits, her deep breaths filling her voluminous chest. She is curvaceous, nearly twice his size, but he manages to climb on top of her. Carefully, methodically, and with purpose, their bodies entwine.

Suddenly, from out of the shadows appears a man bearing a digital camera. The flash doesn't deter the couple; they carry on oblivious.

Click here to see the photograph of this sordid scene.

It's pondography out there. Frogs are sprouting dodgy moustaches and I keep hearing strains of cheesy electronic music through the night. If anyone would like some tadpoles in another couple of weeks, give us a shout.

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