Sunday 20 March 2005

it pays to have a web site

On Friday, my mother in law handed me a big box of chocolates and said, "I read your blog - happy Commonwealth Day!" How fabulous is that? You'll never hear any disparaging mother in law jokes from me, no siree.

According to my calendar, today is the "Journee internationale de la francophonie" (International Speakers of French Day). May I just take this opportunity to say that I speak French and that I'm pretty sure this event also involves a gift of chocolate. I don't have any proof of that at hand right now, but give me enough time and I'll find a link to speaking French and chocolate gifts.

On a totally unrelated subject, I am getting really bored with what I eat for breakfast. I usually have an egg with toast, or a bagel and cheese, or cereal, or once in a blue moon (usually when we've had overnight guests) we go all out and cooks us a full English breakfast. Any ideas for interesting and yummy things to eat for breakfast? I'm not a huge fan of sweet things first thing in the morning, so please, no mention of Pop Tarts or toaster struedel. Thanks.

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