Monday 15 March 2004

land of the free and home of the bagel

After a relatively uneventful flight (i.e. barely any turbulence, hurrah), we have landed in the sunshine state. And we have shopped. Oh yes. Day two, and we've already done the big Denny's breakfast, a meal at the Outback, and a whole shedload of shopping. Happy days, indeed. Although the sun seems to have buggered off for our visit, it's lovely and warm and our team has a convertible (herein known as "The Pubsmobile").

I like being here. Certain things and places are familiar and there are a few Canadians running aboot the office. We were greeted with many smiles and warm handshakes, and everyone said that I sound soooo English (much to the amusement of my British colleagues). I once again heard Canadians claim that their accent sounds so much softer than the Americans and a bit "Scottish" (I'm sorry, my Canadian brothers and sisters - you do sound American and not at all Scottish). The Americans were very surprised to hear that the English think Canadians hate being mistaken for being American (they didn't understand why anyone would find it insulting). I had a lemonade while sitting outside on a breezy patio next to the water during lunch, and that makes me happy. I don't even feel jet lagged today.

Now if only the sun would come back out to play.

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