Thursday 18 March 2004

i'm gonna soak up the sun

Ah, another day in paradise (if paradise consisted of a lot of concrete, Denny's, and about ten dozen Wallgreen's). It's been gloriously sunny today - I've admired it from my office window all afternoon. Tomorrow is our company's beach party (to celebrate the launch of our most recent product), which may sound like absolute bliss to some, but to me, it means having to appear in public with far less clothing than I would like. Does anyone really want to see a pasty Canadian on the beach? Goodness, no.

I miss Jasper terribly and I need to be back home, and preferably, I'd like to take our hotel bed back with us (and the weather, too). It's a very strange feeling being homesick for a country you've only lived in for 3 1/2 years, but I'm homesick nonetheless. Roll on Sunday.

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