Wednesday 24 March 2004

and she didn't even barf on me

Had a visit last night with the fabulous Jack and Heather and their newest addition, Rebecca. She is absolutely beautiful and yes, I'm probably quite biased. I think the conversation in the car on the way home went something like: "Baby. Now. Want one. Now." whilst tapping my watch repeatedly. I really don't want my friends to get the impression that I'm some crazed broody lunatic who's only interested in their babies because I'm so keen to have one myself. No really, I'm not. I just get such a kick out of seeing the mini versions of my friends. It's one thing to look at pictures of someone's baby (particularly someone you don't know well) and think that s/he is very cute. It's another thing entirely to hold a little person who was created by two of your good friends.

As an only child and unmarried, I've never been an Auntie Lisa. I am thrilled to be a pseudo-Auntie to my friend's babies, even if this means there will be several British children wondering why they have an Auntie with a funny accent. Paul's 8-year-old niece Grace sometimes refers to me as "Auntie Lisa, not just yet". How lucky am I to be surrounded by these great kids?

Still tapping my watch repeatedly, though.

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