Thursday 22 August 2002

random acts of weirdness

Yesterday, a workmate (we'll call him "Pete") grabbed hold of another (female) workmate's PC and sent a message simply stating "I love you" - to another female workmate. So in keeping with that theme, I suggested that Pete send "I love you" messages to random people today. So far, he's sent love-themed emails to three men: two of whom have responded (one rather gracefully), and the third has yet to reply.

The third message was:

"What part of South Africa is it you come from? Jo'burg? Don't you think the sunrises there are wonderfully romantic? Just makes you want to snuggle up with someone on top of some hill and just watch it come up...I'm so bored down here... I'd love some company from a South African."

So Adrian, if you're free, come to Cambridge and keep Pete company.

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