Monday 19 August 2002

the psychology of food

Standing in a queue in Tesco and the guy in front of me has the following in his trolley: one chicken madras ready meal, naan bread, lager, and three packages of Pot Noodles. Ah. I'm guessing a single man. I love looking at what people buy at the grocery store. It's like going through people's medicine cabinets (not like I do that, mind you) - you can learn so much. I saw a woman with the following in her trolley: Healthy Eating ready meals (Tesco's brand of low fat dinners), Diet Coke, Mueller Light yogurt, bags of salad, and a package of chocolate croissants. I'm guessing that this woman is perpetually on a diet and can't figure out why she's not losing weight. Has someone written a book or article about this? Or am I on to something here?

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