Tuesday 27 August 2002

back to reality

Ah, always so fabulous to be back at work after a long weekend. We had a brilliant weekend away in lovely Warrington (in a village outside of town, actually) and the rain wasn't as bad as expected. The BBQ was good fun (only my second one this year) and we knew we had indulged a bit too much when tequila sunrises were served and we couldn't really taste the alcohol. Someone brought a 1 litre bottle that was divided up into about 10 drinks, which made everyone else cough and splutter but Paul and I didn't find them strong at all. Frightening. I did, however, have a massive hangover the next day and had woken up in the middle of the night with a throbbing headache. The next night we went to the tackiest club I've ever seen - the DJ was like someone you'd hear at a really bad wedding reception. It was mostly 70s and 80s music, which would have been good if it's wasn't all the worst hits of those two decades. I mean come on, "Living on a Prayer"? So many 80s tunes to choose from and they played *that*? At any rate, because it was so naff, it was really fun and apparently would have been a lot more fun if we were a lot more drunk (we both paced ourselves after the night before). We had a quieter day yesterday, sitting in our friend's garden eating bacon butties (that would be bacon sandwiches to you North American types) enjoying the sunshine that finally appeared. Since we don't have an Ikea close to Cambridge, I wanted to visit the one in Warrington. So far I've been to Ikea in Croydon, Montreal, Toronto, and now Warrington - a veritable world tour of flat-packed furniture. Paul bought a couple of things, but I didn't find anything I wanted. After a very sunny and hot drive back to Northampton, we settled in for a night of Simpsons episodes as Sky One was showing a "Top Ten" for the evening. And now I'm back at work, and there isn't enough tea in this office that'll wake me up at the moment.

My mate Gary is on a mission to get this site unblocked at work. They've updated the firewall at my office and a whole whack of sites are no longer accessible from work, including this one. He's had to submit a business case for unblocking the site and said that it belongs to an employee and that "she writes a journal about things that happen at work". I will be more than just a little amused if they actually accept this reason.

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