Friday 23 August 2002

hooray for bank holidays

Last bank holiday until Christmas, so let's make the most of it. Except for you North Americans who don't have a bank holiday on Monday. You can whoop it up on Labo(u)r Day, Thanksgiving, and whatever other holidays your country/religion entails until Christmas. We're off to Warrington this weekend to see Paul's friends (yes, it will rain buckets all weekend long), have a BBQ, go out for a big night on the town, and enjoy a weekend of not cooking/staying in a hotel. Warrington is about 20 miles southwest of Manchester (more west than south, actually) and very close to Daresbury where I've been known to appear every now and then over the years.

In keeping with the travelling around the country theme... (and please feel free to do the same with your country of residence or any other for that matter)

Top five places to visit in Britain:

5. The West Country (Devon and Cornwall in particular)

4. Edinburgh

3. The Lake District (Coniston, Grasmere, and Ambleside)

2. Scottish Highlands (Glencoe and Skye)

1. Northampton (for personal reasons, of course)

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