Friday 30 August 2002

completely work-related

To emphasize the fact that this is "not strictly a work-related site but it does have a daily diary of Cambourne office events", here is your daily update of the important events around our office today.

Someone has been taking multiple cans of pop out of our free vend machines home with them. Similarly, someone has nicked a pizza and some ham from the first floor kitchen. This is very naughty indeed and I'm sure goes against our Citrix philosophy. Oddly, I notice that no one has taken my food and I think it may have something to do with the fact that everything that's mine is labelled "light" or "low fat". My advice to fellow workmates is this: if you want to keep your food safe, stick it in Tesco Healthy Eating packaging and it'll never get eaten by anyone else.

In other news, staff enjoyed free cake Friday this morning. One employee admitted an addiction to a pastry called "bear claws" and proceeded to stick his finger in the pastry and wave it around in the air. A good time was had by all and wackiness ensued.

Big discovery of the day: interns get paid! No, really! Not only do these students get to enjoy as much free toast, fruit, and pop (one can at a time, mind you) as they want, they apparently receive a paycheque each month as well. Who knew?

Am now off to a meeting for an hour. More news to come.

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