Monday 19 August 2002

alrighty then

Ah. My attempt to not get too personal has got...too personal. Let's try this again.

We had sunshine this weekend. No, really we did! It was the balloon festival in Northampton (you'd never get me in one of those, thanks), so they really lucked out with the weather. We celebrated by sitting in a nice air conditioned cinema to see "Sum of all Fears", which was a fantastic film if you can suspend your disbelief (there's just been a nuclear blast and yet Ben Affleck's mobile still works). I was completely spoiled by having not one, but two fabulous meals cooked for me (grilled salmon filets, salad, and bruschetta on Friday, and chicken stuffed with olives, sundried tomatoes, and basil with salad and asparagus on Saturday). I can hear all my blokey type friends laughing, but I am telling you - there is nothing sexier than watching your man cook. Okay, that's a bit dramatic...but it's definitely high up in the Top 5 Sexiest Things My Boyfriend Does (I should write a Cosmo article on this). We went out to a lovely pub called The Greyhound last night, which has an enormous beer garden out front (sat there for lunch on Saturday) and cosy tables inside.

Oh, and for some bizarre reason, I can no longer view this site from work nor can I FTP updates from the office. Trust me - this entry was written in the late morning/early afternoon, even if it is only showing up in the evening when I can get home and post it. Hmmm maybe I should switch back to Blogger...

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