Friday 12 June 2009


I've been having contractions since last night. Nothing to worry about, but enough to make me shake my finger at my belly and say "You stay in there until at least next Sunday!!" I've had a lot of Braxton Hicks this pregnancy full stop, but last night they were sort of crampier than the usual tightenings. Enough to prevent me from going to bed at a decent time and to keep waking me through the night. I've had a few more off and on today, but they're not getting more intense or frequent. I suppose these probably are Braxton Hicks that are more uncomfy this time around, what with everything being heavier and saggier these days. Anyway, I need to hold out until at least Tuesday when Jane is bringing a new liner for the pool and the TENS machine. Friday is Mia's birthday and Saturday is our early Canada Day BBQ. I don't think guests are really going to want to eat sausages and burgers while I give birth in the pool next to them.

Erm. Maybe curry on Monday night is a bad idea. Remind me to order something mild, girls!

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