Monday 22 June 2009

ah, it must be that time

I'm so glad that I've kept a blog documenting my past pregnancies because it's reassuring to know that what I'm feeling right now is typical for me. That is to say, I'm going through the "Exhausted, Achey, Heartburny, Feeling Like Shit" phase that always seems to hit me two weeks before my due date. Last night, I had such bad heartburn that 300mg of Ranitidine didn't touch it and it was awful even when I was sitting upright. I stayed up late, catching up on recorded episodes of Big Brother (which I did at this same point when I was pregnant with Mia) and fought the nausea until the wee hours. This morning, I burst into tears from exhaustion and frustration. Jack said "Why are you sad, Mummy?" and Mia toddled over and said "What happen, Mummy?" and they both gave me a cuddle. You just can't feel shitty when you're being cuddled, really. I've been off work for three weeks now, the first two were spent suffering with a hideous cold and the third taking care of my little girl as she endured a tummy bug. I'm tired and haven't really had a day feeling good and relaxed. It's just catching up with me.

In happier news, we did a trial run of the pool and I'm pleased to have finally gone through it to make sure everything's okay.

Birth Pool "Rehearsal"

Jack enjoyed it:

Birth Pool "Rehearsal"

And Mia got ready for a dip:

Birth Pool "Rehearsal"

but ended up going for a nap instead. The pool is the same make as the one I borrowed from Caroline last time (Birth Pool in a Box), but this is the larger version and I really love it. It feels very roomy and slightly less claustrophobic than the mini, and it has a seat! You know, for those moments when you just want to sit back and have a margarita while you're in labour. It really is fantastic and only takes about 15 minutes longer to fill (about an hour in total.) So, it's a relief to have this done and dusted and know that we're all set for the birth now. Um...still need to pack a hospital bag just in case, though. Never did get around to it for Mia, but I don't want to push my luck this time. I felt like it would "jinx" me somehow, but if we do end up transferring this time I want to know that everything is there for Paul to grab.

Off to see if I've got sushi ingredients because as I said when I was pregnant with Mia, sushi always makes me feel better. Plus, I've got ice cream in the freezer. I think I'm all set now.

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