Thursday 11 June 2009

we shall have a fishy on a little dishy

The sun has reappeared today, and with it, a much better day for this mama. I'm still coughing quite a lot, but not nearly as much as before. I had reflexology yesterday afternoon and she did warn me that I might cough more initially (as my chest clears) and boy...was she right. But after a couple of small bouts of coughing through the night, I've been pretty good today. Thanks to my midwife, I have a top tip for coughing when you've pulled a muscle in your bump: either sit up and curl yourself up as much as you can, or if you're lying down, bring your knees up to your chest before coughing (or curl up on your side, which is what I did last night.) Works a treat!

Speaking of my midwife, I forgot to mention my thoroughly uneventful appointment on Tuesday. Despite feeling like hell and worrying about my blood pressure (I'm swelling a bit now and my wedding rings have come off, and I've had some killer headaches), all was absolutely fine. Jane thinks my bump has dropped since last time, but baby isn't engaged yet (not surprising) and still has lots of wriggle room. She dropped off the pool and we talked about what would happen should I go into labour from this point onwards. She is happy to support me for a home birth at this point - I've been having irrational fears of going into labour early - so it's good to know that I'm now in the home stretch without having to worry about whether or not I can stay at home.

I had a lovely, civilised lunch with my friend Susan today at a local pub (Brampton Mill.) Service was polite but excruciatingly slow. It wasn't too much of a problem as we weren't in a rush, but it wasn't busy enough or understaffed to warrant such slow service. I'm slightly more forgiving about things like this if the food is good and thankfully, the food was very good. I had fish and chips (surprisingly light and crispy batter), with a banoffee cheesecake and latte for dessert. Helloooooo carb city! I'm gonna have sausages for fingers and toes tonight, hoo yeah. The pub itself has been very nicely refurbished, with a lovely view of the river behind. The menu is quite varied (not overwhelmingly so), but if you're looking for sandwiches and jacket potatoes, you'll need to go elsewhere. I would go back because the food was nice, but not if I'm in a rush.

And now, I have a very important decision to make: take a nap or sit out in the sunny garden? Ah, I lead such a tough life.

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