Monday 8 June 2009


Here I am, at 36 weeks:

I hasten to add, I don't normally wear leggings and tight tops either around the house or outdoors. It's what I'm wearing under a pinafore dress today, which I removed to get a good bump shot. So yes, 36 weeks as of more week to full term. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Still feeling pretty dreadful but not quite as hideous today. I slept from 11pm to 6am without waking up to cough up a lung every hour. Go me! I do think this cold is subsiding, which is great news. I'm so tired, but so grateful that I've got the days to myself to rest.

Blue Belt Boy In other news, my wonderful boy got his blue belt yesterday after passing his karate grading. Sadly, I couldn't attend the grading because I was feeling so ill, but Paul said that Jack did very well. I'm so proud of him! He asked Paul for a snack afterwards and Paul told him that he'd have to change out of his uniform and brand new blue belt before eating. After careful consideration, Jack decided that he'd forgo the snack and keep the cool uniform on for a little while longer. Mia admired Jack's new belt and seemed very pleased at his achievement. Either that, or she was just mimicking us and likes the colour blue.

Mia's been talking up a storm lately, it's amazing. She's trying so very hard to speak in detailed sentences, telling us elaborate tales of nursery events and Jasper's adventures in the kitchen. The stories come out two words at a time, with hand gestures and pauses as she tries to think of more words. Whenever I take off her nappy, she dances around saying "I naked! I naked!" and if I hurt myself, she says "What happen, Mummy?" with a look of deep concern. When I tell her what I've done (it's usually something involving my belly and painful ligaments), she'll say "Oh dear" and rub the affected area better. She can count to 10, sings songs, and wants to know what everything's called. Everything. Often seconds after you've just told her what something is, she'll ask several more times "What's that?" It's like she's saying "Tell me that word again because either I wasn't listening to your answer or I'm a bit skeptical about the accuracy of your response." She's growing up so fast; she's even doing poos on the toilet (and asking to use it beforehand.) She's been doing this for a while now and although I'm not jumping ahead to get her toilet trained at the moment, I'm really pleased that she's shown an interest.

Jack is also growing up at an alarming rate, and I know that I'll be one of those lunatic mothers crying at the gates when he starts "big school" in September. I love our conversations, which are usually fairly elaborate if not a little surreal. He doesn't have dreams, he has "adventures." So first thing each morning, we're informed about his adventures from the night before (usually involving friends from nursery or Ben10.) He's so tolerant of his little sister, who has recently become what they call "A Handful". He shares his toys (whether that was his original plan or not), puts up with her climbing all over him, and still loves giving her kisses and cuddles.

He's decided that he's going to help daddy fill the pool when the baby comes, and we've been having lots of chats about things that may happen when mummy's in labour. I've really been trying to reassure him about any noises I might make, as I was rather screamy when I had Mia and I don't want him to be frightened. I explained that I might make a lot of noise when the baby comes and Jack asked why. "Erm...because having a baby is very hard work and sometimes you need to make noise to help the baby come out," I explained. "It's sort of like having a very big poo. You know how you sometimes have to make a noise when you poo?" At which point, both children got into a squatting stance with clenched fists, made loud grunting noises while squeezing their eyes shut, then laughed hysterically. Maybe they won't be so frightened by the birth, after all.

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