Tuesday 2 June 2009


Sweet merciful crap, I'm going to have a baby in another month or so. I'm a bit sad that it's all going by so quickly, especially when I've got the urge to purchase summery maternity wear. It's been so lovely and warm lately, and I'm sweltering hot in my jeans. I need skirts and shorts or something. But there is no point whatsoever in buying clothing if I'm only going to wear it for another few weeks. Right? RIGHT? Oh, someone take my Internet access and debit card away from me!

Had a midwife appointment today with my "backup midwife" Valerie as Jane is on holiday this week. I met Valerie when I was pregnant with Mia, and it was lovely to see her again. Nothing eventful to report from my appointment, which is good news. Everything is as it should be, baby's heartbeat chugging away at 135-150. I've recently had a strong feeling that this baby is a girl. I know, I know, I've been saying boy up until now, but for some reason I'm getting girl vibes. When I think of our boy name, I like it, but don't love it. I really love our girl name. That's usually the tip-off. But then I dunno...I can envision Mia with two brothers by her side. I say it will go 50-50 either way.

So as I said, it's been gorgeous and sunny here lately which has meant it's summer food season in the Durbin household. Paul's been grilling up a storm on the BBQ, cooking us fantastic burgers, sausages, spatchcock chicken, butterflied leg of lamb, steaks, and grilled veggies for salads. He did some ribs on the smoker on Saturday that were to die for. I can't get enough of grilled courgette salad: sliced very thinly on the mandolin, grilled, then tossed with extra virgin olive oil, chopped fresh mint and red chilli, season, and add a squeeze of lemon juice (and sometimes sprinkled with goat's cheese) while still warm. I did a grilled corn salad the other day that was delicious: either grill corn still in the husk until browned or boil 4 husked corn cobs for 3 minutes and then put on the grill to slightly brown on all sides, cut the corn from the cob and toss with grilled peppers (both regular peppers and chilli), chopped spring onion, fresh lime juice, chopped coriander, olive oil, and season. Both salads are still delicious the next day or even the day after. It's all been about grilled meats and fish with grilled vegetable things around here lately. If only I could wash it all down with a jug of Pimms.

And now, I'm off to sit in the garden and stick my feet in the kids' paddling pool. Ah, summer.

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