Friday 13 March 2009

Jack's got TWO Pringles

First and foremost, I suck. I've been really rubbish at updating this blog, despite thinking "I must blog about this!" almost every day.

But what sucks the most is that I completely neglected to do a post dedicated to my beautiful boy who turned four on Feb 22. FOUR! Where the hell is time going? He and a friend had a joint pool party at the local leisure centre with nursery friends, and they had a blast. Paul couldn't get in the pool as it was too soon after his knee surgery, so all the nursery parents got to enjoy the sight of me in a swimsuit. I think most of them are still in therapy trying to get over that one. Anyway, it was a fab party and Jack had a very fun day. On the day of his birthday, we went out for lunch with my in-laws and the kids stuffed their faces with sausages and mash. So again, a good time was had by all.

And to make the day extra special, on the morning of Jack's birthday, Paul and I both felt Junior Mint squirming about from the outside for the first time. That's NEVER happened before. Normally, I feel movements from the outside at around 24 weeks then Paul finally catches them a few weeks later. Our babies tend to hide when daddy's hands come near them, but this time, Paul felt a very definite and strong kick just after I did. Jack leaned over and put his head on my belly, hoping to feel some kicks too. "I can hear the baby! He's playing!" Jack said.

He is such a big boy now although sometimes, thankfully, he still needs to curl up in my lap and have a cuddle with mummy. I love how I can have real (albeit somewhat surreal) conversations with him now, and he comes out with the most hilarious things. Today, Mia was poorly with a stomach bug. When Jack came home from nursery, Mia went running up to him. Jack took one look at her and said "Don't get sick on me." He can use computers, Wii consoles, and iPods. He's pretty much outgrown CBeebies and only wants to watch Ben10 and Star Wars. He had his first karate lesson last night. He's growing fast, but he's always going to be my baby boy. Even when he's 1 foot taller than me and eating us out of house and home.

Happy birthday, Jack-Jack. xxxxx

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