Monday 30 March 2009

All the girls!

You know, turning 40 isn't that bad at all...especially when it means a week of celebrations, starting with a spa day with the girls. We went to Center Parcs and had a really chilled, really lovely day. The day started with tea and coffee or juice, then we went for our treatments (pedicure for me), and then a couple of hours of wandering around in a robe and swimsuit doing a lot of nothing. There were saunas and steam baths to explore, a lovely outdoor heated pool with seats and bubbly jets to massage your back, and waterbeds! Yes, really! Very 70s. The beds were like the size of a lounge chair, scattered throughout the spa and piled high with pillows. Caroline and I found a double bed on an outdoor balcony with a corner full of huge beanbags and cushions. I could have stayed there all day. We then had lunch, followed by more nothing. I found a waterbed, read a little, then plugged in my iPod and drifted off for a few moments. I had one of those startling moments when my own snoring jolted me awake. Looking around to see if anyone was staring at me in disgust, I casually coughed and resumed my reading. Later on, we met up for huge slices of cake and hot beverages. The day just flew by.

Bliss! I mean, how often do you get to truly sit and do nothing? Even when no one's at home, there's still a pile of laundry and washing up that taunts you so you can never fully relax. This was a place where we weren't MummyMummyMummyMummyMuuuummmyyyyyyyyy!!!! and you could curl up with a good book or a trashy magazine for as long as you wanted to. Fabulous.

Tuesday is my birthday, but it'll be business as usual and a normal working day. Wednesday, Paul and I are off to the Fat Duck restaurant (where hopefully Norovirus is no longer on the tasting menu) and an overnight stay at a lovely B&B. Saturday, I'm going out with more girls for a meal at one of my favourite pubs. Very excited! So yes, turning 40 ain't that bad at all. Even though I have to do it without alcohol and with a lot of heartburn; it's going to be fantastic.

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