Wednesday 25 March 2009

getting there

One of the problems about not finding out the sex of the baby is that you can't go crazy with the shopping. So far, I've bought a couple of sleepsuits (gender neutral, of course) and newborn nappy bits and bobs. That's it. Oooh and a lovely new Moby wrap. We have all the big stuff like the co-sleeper, bedding, pushchairs, etc so we don't really need anything for the baby right away in terms of equipment. We will need a new bouncy chair as ours seems to have died while up in the loft, though. Gotta have a bouncy chair. It saves your sanity during the first three months or so. It sounds totally ridiculous, but I'm struggling to remember what you need for a newborn, even though we just did this 21 months ago. Nappies. Sleepsuits. Sling. Bed stuff. Baby gym. Bouncy chair. Muslins. Clothing. Baby bath. Boobs. Is that it?

How depressing. I'm currently bidding on a Miracle Blanket (swaddling blanket from Mothercare) because I sold mine on eBay after Mia outgrew them. Actually, wait - there is a bright side to this. The blankets were part of a gift from work so this is costing me nothing. Hurrah!

As for me, it's all going well and I'm feeling pretty good. My bump is enormous, as is the rest of me. I'm loading up on protein and avoiding the white starchy sugary stuff in an attempt to battle water retention (sort of a Brewer's Diet type affair.) It's a good diet to follow for labour and birth anyway, and I always feel better when I eat this way. But then of course with my birthday coming up there will be cake. Lots and lots of cake. Oh yes.

I feel calm and happy, looking forward to the birth (looking forward to maternity leave more so.) Could do with a nap, though.

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