Tuesday 4 March 2008

words of wisdom

Some random quotes from the Durbin household:

[me] "Can you please not be a lion for a minute?"

[Jack] "I'm playing the beehive game!"
[me] "How does that game go?"
[Jack sprints across his room and crashes into his bed, and shouts] "BEEHIVE!!! I'm very funny."

[Jack, frustrated] "Oh MAN." (Courtesy of his hero, Lightning McQueen.)

[me] "We don't have any monsters in our house because they're afraid of dogs."

[Jack] "I have a little belly. You have a big belly."
[me, getting self conscious] "I have a big belly?"
[Jack] "Yeah. You have a big belly because you're a grown up. I have a little belly because I'm a little boy."
[me] "Ah, okay then."

[Jack] "Mia's trying to eat my racing car!"

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