Wednesday 27 February 2008


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Jack had a great time last weekend, although I have now sworn off organising children's parties involving more than 3 children. The kids themselves were lovely, but the headache of co-ordinating a group that large combined with a totally clueless staff at the party venue made for one stressed mama. Just to give an example, the bowling alley staff temporarily lost Jack's birthday cake. No, seriously. And here I am, unable to drink. Next year, Jack can pick a couple of friends and we'll go do something fun together. I might still order the same sized cake from Tom's, though. A woman's gotta keep up her strength.

In Mia news, another toothy peg has emerged today on the top. This has led to an interesting tooth-grinding development as my daughter discovers that she can gnash her upper and lower teeth together and make my toes curl with the sound. Nails, chalkboard, you get the idea.

We've finally started swimming classes at First4Swimming at the Huntingdon Marriott, and they are FANTASTIC. The teacher is Birthlight trained (keeping with the same philosophy about infant swimming that we did with Jack) and the classes are lovely and small. And the other mothers talk to me! Gosh. I'm a bit miffed that I started Mia this late (I tried to get her into a class at 4 months, but it kept getting delayed due to pool renovations) but I'm so pleased at how well she's taking to the water. I took her swimming in the same pool when she was 4 months old when my mom and dad were here for a visit, and she screamed unless I held her tight. She's not really been that keen on baths lately either, so I wasn't too sure how she'd react to the swimming classes. As soon as we got into the water, she was kicking her legs and splashing with her hands. She calmly observed the water and teacher, wriggling like a little mermaid. I'm so, so chuffed. And to top it all off, the classes are on Sundays which means I can carry on with them after I return to work. Paul will take Jack to the other Sunday class because I'd really like to get him back in the pool on a more regular basis again.

So, yeah...going back to work. Not looking forward to that one at all. Not a jot. I love my job and I love having non-mummy time, but I'm loving my time with Mia right now even more. I still have three months left, but cripes this year has gone by in a blink of the eye.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to stop my little girl from eating dog hair off the floor. Or is dog hair a food group? I can't keep up with this stuff.

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