Wednesday 20 February 2008

oh, here i am

See, told you that I'd blog again soon. Hi. How have you been?

Mia continues to do all sorts of new things as her little baby brain chugs away absorbing the world around her. She can now wave hello (or goodbye - she's not fussy), shake her head "no", and is eating anything and everything. Unlike her brother, who now claims he doesn't like every food on this planet. Every mealtime goes thusly: "What's Mia eating?" "Corn." "I don't like corn." "What are you eating?" "Pizza." "I don't like pizza." etc. Oh but promise the boy Buttons and he's all yours.

We had a bit of a rough patch when Mia went on a one day nursing strike, which was surprisingly stressful for both of us. I'd read about such things, but didn't appreciate how awful it is to experience. It started with Mia biting me every time she fed; not hard, but enough to elicit a sharp intake of breath from me. She must have been frightened by my reaction because when I tried to feed her early the next morning, she pushed my breast away and howled. She refused to feed from me, looking at me with huge frightened eyes. I stumbled downstairs with her as I pumped, then tried to feed her from a bottle. She refused again, but finally calmed down enough to go back to sleep. By the next day, she'd gone 12 hours without eating and she wailed the entire morning. She had to eat something, so I sat her in the highchair and put some food in front of her. With shaking hands, she sobbed while she grabbed handfuls of sweet potatoes and stuffed them in her mouth. My heart was breaking at seeing her so distraught and my stomach hurt at the thought of having to pump for as long as she refused to feed.

I knew that I had to gently coax her back to accepting milk from me, so I started with a spoon. I literally spoon fed drops of milk to Mia until she stopped crying and realised that she was incredibly hungry. Then I tried her on a cup, then eventually a bottle and oh thank the gods, she took it. 24 hours later, she finally accepted my breast as her big blue eyes cautiously searched my face. I smiled, nodded, and murmured words of encouragement and she latched on and fed. Grateful that she was feeding, I was also afraid of being bitten again. But touch wood, she hasn't done it since then.

And right on cue, she's just woken up for her late night feed. Catch y'all later.

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