Wednesday 19 March 2008

Pretty in pink
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Today marks the beginning of your 9th month in the outside world. And look how far you've come.

You have four teeth.
You can commando crawl.
You clap your hands, and for one day only, you waved bye-bye.
You give real belly laughs.
Your eyes are still slate blue with just a tiny hint of brown lurking in there somewhere.
Your hair is most definitely dark brown, but not nearly as fuzzy as your brother's.
You've got a Pointy Investigating Finger (that usually ends up in my nose or yours.)
You love any toy...that's not yours.
Your favourite song is "Itsy Bitsy Spider."
You weigh just over 18 pounds and despite your big cloth-nappied bum, you only wear a size 6-9 months.
You're obsessed with our wooden doorstop.
You happily munch on anything I feed you. And things I don't.
You've discovered your "pinchy grip". Ouch.
Your big brother still thinks you're the bee's knees, except when you touch any of his toys.
You are my Princess Bunny McBun, my beautiful angel.

Happy nine months, Mimi. I love you so, so much. xx

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