Sunday 6 January 2008

my new year's resolution: get more sleep

Happy new year! Wooo, what a year it was. Mostly, it was marked by the lack of sleep and heartburn. And that enormous painful thing on my backside. Mmm yes. Of course there was a lot of good stuff, too. That whole producing a baby out of my hooha without a lot of fuss and damage thing was pretty damn great. The fact that the 6 month mark came and went and the breastfeeding didn't stop is a lovely moment for me, too.

Oh and getting out and having a great time with friends on new year's eve was a highlight of the year. We went to a friend's house for supper and general frivolity (adult conversation! Okay, so we spent most of it talking about our kids) while our kiddies "slept" upstairs. I say "slept" because until 10pm, there was a lot of giggling, furniture shuffling, and the sounds of "SHHHHH! DADDY SAYS WE HAVE TO SLEEP NOW!" drifting down the stairs. Jack had the time of his life; the only boy at the slumber party. He still talks about it to this day. Mia slept on her own, and amazingly, she actually did sleep. We enjoyed a lovely meal, too much cheesecake (my fault, sorry), and a lot of laughs. I definitely recommend the "bring your kids and chuck them upstairs so you can get out of the house for an evening" concept. We came home at 2am, the kids barely waking as they were bundled into the car and unbundled when we got home. Fabulous.

And now for some Christmas photos here.

and a video of Jack chucking a bottle of myrrh at the baby Jesus' head:

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