Tuesday 29 January 2008

fill in the blank

I think Jack has recently learned a few sentences without really understanding what they mean. He keeps saying things that you would normally use to open a conversation and generally require some sort of conclusion.

For example:
"I want to ask you something."
"I have an idea."

Followed by either something completely off tangent (e.g. "I played on the slide today!") or he runs away. Maybe he just likes being enigmatic.

The other new development is the fib. Nothing too dramatic, but he's definitely getting more clever. Yesterday, Mia was playing happily on the floor while Jack stood next to her drinking his juice. He shoved her with his foot and shouted out "She's trying to take my juice!!" (which would have been quite impressive, but I digress.) Later on, I left the room briefly and Mia started crying. I asked Jack what happened and he offered the following explanation: "It's not my fault because...because...she was HITTING me! And she always tries to hit me and she should say sorry to me! It's not my fault!" And finally (yes, this all happened in one day) he snatched one of his toys away from Mia. When I explained to him that he needs to share and to give the toy back he said "It's too sharp for Mia - it's dangerous!" And of course he has already blamed Mia for something he did, which was funny for two reasons: 1) he wasn't even in trouble at the time (Paul just asked him what he'd done with his stickers) and 2) Mia was upstairs sleeping at the time.

Yerrrrrs. I knew the love fest was too good to last.

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