Thursday 10 January 2008

Hello. I'm cute. Hand over all your money.

Just a quickie with a bit o' this and that. With a touch of wotnot.

Mia slept in her room for the very first time last night, which was truly bittersweet for me. It was nice to have our bedroom back (and enjoy rolling over in bed without dislocating my kneecap on the corner of the co-sleeper), but it was strange to not have Mia next to me. I realised that the last time I had nothing next to my side of the bed, I was in labour. I missed her smiling face and kicky feet first thing this morning, but it's better for her to have more space to roll around. She was just starting to outgrow the co-sleeper so it was time for her to move. *sigh*

We're still doing baby led weaning, despite the fact that Mia isn't at all keen on actually eating. As an experiment, I put some yoghurt on a spoon (and gave her the spoon so she could feed herself), but she still gagged, shuddered, and spat it back up again. So it's not a texture thing - she's simply not ready to eat yet. It's so odd because Jack took to solids right away and gobbled down anything within reach.

Speaking of Jack, the other day he informed me that it was time for Buttons (little chocolates shaped, unsurprisingly, like buttons.) "Is it?" I asked. "Yes. [looking at his wrist where a watch would be] It's 6 o'clock and it's time for Buttons." Ah, okay then. I think I have spawned a chocolate monster. At a birthday party last weekend, Jack pulled a chair up to the kitchen island, stood there and helped himself to bowls of chocolate that were used for decorating the birthday cake. He then devoured a big slice of chocolate cake, and later that evening told me "It's my happy birthday. I need some cake now." When I asked him what he wanted for breakfast the other day, he requested chocolate on toast. Which I could probably eat myself, come to think of it.

And finally, my favourite random Jackism from the holidays is: "Harry Potter's going to eat you all up!"

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