Tuesday 22 January 2008

chomp, and i descend further into hippydom

Breaking news! Mia has just cut her first tooth! Whoop whoop whoop! (lower left, in case you're wondering)

So on to the reason why I came here. Cloth nappies: HELP! (Yeah, I know that I've already polluted the earth with Jack's 2 1/2 years of nappies and Mia's 7 months. I'm a bit slow, bear with me.) Advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Honestly, picking a nappy to use is as confusing as picking our first pushchair before Jack was born. Disposables were easy - Pampers sends us a free nappy, we try it and it works well, we stick with it. Hurrah. Cloth nappies are making my head spin. There are so many to choose from, so many different styles, and trial packs are pricey. My lovely friend Caroline is lending me some Bambino Mio nappies to try out, which is fantastic. I also found a site where you can "hire" various brands of cloth nappies to try before you buy. But still, confusion reigns.

Here are my thoughts/concerns:
-I keep reading that you need to change cloth nappies every 2-4 hours. That's an exaggeration, right? RIGHT?
-Is there any advantage to using "all in one" nappies (e.g. Kushies) vs. layered nappies (e.g. Bambino Mio)? Disadvantages?
-Are cloth nappies more prone to leaks?
-How many do I need?

Please feel free to add advice or recommendations in the comments area. I've done quite a lot of online research, but I always find that the best advice comes from mummy friends! Thank you. xx

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