Tuesday 13 February 2007

under my desk, napping

On Friday, our little boy had a fever and spent most of the day flopped out on the sofa while his daddy worked from home. We managed to sneak out of the house for the evening for a delicious pre-Valentine's dinner (thank you, Caroline!!), but then the lurgy found Paul on Saturday and slapped him around real good. So with a husband physically incapable of doing much and a little boy with a barking seal cough and a fever, I attempted to hold the fort and grow a baby at the same time. I failed miserably. Jack did that special toddler thing of pointing randomly and making "meeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh" noises that get progressively louder and more aggravated because you have no clue what they want and every question gets an angry response of "NO!" Most of the weekend was spent looking in the fridge and listing every item in there, while Jack looked at me with pleading puppy dog eyes and going "meeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh". "Do you want juice?" "NOOOOO!" "Cheese?" "NOOOOO!" "Yoghurt?" "NOOOOO!" "Milk?" "NOOOOO!" "Elephants?" "NOOOOO!" etc.

Exhausted and emotional, I burst into tears yesterday. Three sleepless nights plus having to do the household business as usual equalled one tearful lady by Monday. I am still exhausted today, trying to decipher review comments for the document I'm working on, but really wanting to curl up into a ball under my desk and sleep for about 10 hours. And have I mentioned that I have gone off coffee?


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