Thursday 22 February 2007


The first I saw of you was your red bottom, poking up over the screen while the doctors held you. Giving an almighty cry, you arrived. Beautiful, dark-haired, tiny fists, little turned up nose, I fell in love with you straight away. I watched you sleep the first night, making sure your chest rose and fell. I could not believe that you were mine.

Since then, I've seen your bottom thousands of times and you can give a cry loud enough to alert the local police department. Your hair has gone blonde, but your nose is still turned up a bit. You aren't a tiny helpless bundle anymore, you're a little boy with a very distinct personality - but that doesn't stop me from making sure that you're still breathing at night. You astound us by how clever you are, and you crack us up with your pithy remarks. You make every day magical. This day is yours, and now you are two. Happy second birthday, Jack-Jack. I could not love you more.

And I still cannot believe that you're mine.

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