Thursday 8 February 2007

summon the army

Heavy snowfall in much of England and Wales has closed schools and left travellers battling transport problems. A number of airport runways were closed with flights cancelled, while train services have also been affected. Hundreds of schools are shut and motorists are being urged to travel only if necessary. Some households are also without power.

Up to 10cm (4in) of snow fell in some areas. Leader of the Commons Jack Straw admitted the UK coped badly with snow. [source]

No kidding, Jack. On my way to work, the BBC warned me not to drive or to take a spade/shovel, torch/flashlight, and warm clothes if I do. Many of our local schools are closed, and most people opted not to come to the office today. There's about 2 inches of snow out there, and none of it's on the road as the traffic has melted it away.

I have to go out and get some lunch now. I may be some time.

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