Thursday 15 February 2007

can we fix it?

So after claiming that our son isn't at all interested in children's television programmes, he's now developed a liking for specific shows. He's very fond of Bear in the Big Blue House, Bob the Builder, Winnie the Pooh, and Fireman Sam. His concept of how television actually works does need a bit of tweaking, though. When he wants to watch TV, he'll bring the remote to me and say things like "Bear, please" or "More Piglet!" which is grand if the show is on at the time. Otherwise, we have to get into a lengthy explanation of why mummy doesn't control what's being televised that goes something like this:

"Bear!" [thrusts remote at me with a determined expression on his face]
"Bear's not on right now, sorry."
"Bear!" [places remote in my hand and moves my fingers over random buttons]
"Bear's sleeping now, Jack. We can't watch him at the moment."
"Meeeeeeeeehhhhhhh! BEAR!"
"No, Jack. No bear right now."
[Thinking for a moment] "More, bear...please." [Makes puppy dog eyes at me]

Needless to say, we now we have Sky+ set to record Pooh and Bear.

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