Thursday 8 February 2007

because no one wants to see that

At risk of being laughed at, I will tell you about my latest baby-related purchase: a bebe au lait nursing cover. Now look, I know how stupid a lot of you will think this is, but there is a good reason for buying this item. Many of you can breastfeed without using your hands, while carrying the baby around in a sling and making homemade bread, and speaking on the phone to your mother. I'm very pleased for you. Me, I need five pairs of hands, several cushions, a sofa, and an elaborate hoist of some sort. So when it comes to breastfeeding, it's not really a matter of discreetly popping a boob out quickly and covering up with a muslin; it's more of a military operation. Thus, a little extra coverage is nice.

I was never very comfortable about breastfeeding in front of people (husband excluded, of course) and anything that will make me feel more able to do it is a Good Thing. No matter how many people laugh at me.

My only other baby-related purchase so far is a little laundry bag lined with red gingham. Awww. I got a huge assortment of baby clothes from Tosha, and as I started to go through them, I couldn't believe that a baby is actually going to fit into these teeny tiny outfits. Was Jack ever that small? Goodness.

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