Thursday 27 November 2003

woman on a mission, coming through

I turned to Paul in the car today and proclaimed, "I'm going to the gym after work today, and YOU can't stop me!" Not like he was preventing me from going to the gym, but it sounded much more dramatic and effective this way. It sounded a lot better than saying, "I don't feel like crap today, so I might haul my Canadian arse to the gym for the first time in a month". I've been plagued by a wacky combination of allergies (hurrah for the first frost!) and RSI (boo to working on a computer all day, every day for the past 6 years). And I've been really, really lazy. I discovered that it's a lot more fun to skip the gym, go home, and eat lavishly prepared gourmet dinners accompanied by a bottle of red wine. Who knew? Although it's been a lot of fun, it does create a dilemma - eating rich food and drinking wine combined with no exercise makes Lisa sleepy and devoid of energy. Eating healthy, drinking on weekends only, and exercising makes Lisa feel much peppier and alert. Plus, I gotta find me a yoga class 'cos I really miss it.

So if you find me visiting the water cooler/toilet every hour or so and doing the sun salutation at my desk, you'll know why. Or not, if you don't read this blog. Then you'll just think I'm being weird(er than normal).

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