Wednesday 26 November 2003

and we never once ate a leek

[A much more detailed and possibly more entertaining account of our holiday coming soon. With pictures, even.]

Wales was fantastic; as rugged and breathtaking as all the brochures promised. While it poured rain here the entire weekend, St Davids remained sunny and crisp. Of course we felt smug - we were prepared to spend 2 days walking in mud and torrential downpours. Instead, we had glorious walks along the coastline and Jasper got to frolic in the sea for the first time. We walked, we ate, we drank. It was good.

Oh yeah, and England won some sorta rugby thingy on Saturday morning. Paul was overjoyed; I fell asleep during the match twice (only because I wasn't feeling well). I like rugby, actually. It's a sport you can follow and enjoy without knowing much about the rules. It also helps to have a partner who used to play rugby, and who is incredibly patient (and who explains stuff really well). Plus, some of those players are really dishy. Well they are.

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