Thursday 6 November 2003

oooooh aaaahhh

Pictures and mpegs of hot firework action can be seen here.

We started the evening off at The Boathouse pub (or the "boot hoose", as people insist I call it) then wandered over to Midsummer Common for the fantastic fireworks display. What fun! What excitement! Especially when the wind kept blowing the fireworks over the crowd, causing burning embers to fall on us like hot and slightly painful snowflakes. The evening ended at the Hotpot, one of our favourite Chinese restaurants. It was great fun, and no one told us to "SHUSH!" this time.

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify something I mentioned a few days ago. Chris W. did not, in fact, actually propose to Melanie; he just bought her a nice shiny ring but never actually popped the question. Chris W. would also like me to mention that he's very romantic and that you can indeed be engaged without asking your partner to marry you or having an impending wedding of any sort. This is, of course, the same man who last night shouted out "Jack! If you can hear us, lift up your ponytail!!" really loudly in a large crowd.

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