Tuesday 4 November 2003


For today's limited attention span-inflicted society, I will present today's blog entry in short bullet point form. Feel free to watch commercials in between reading bullet points.

  • Highlight of my day: Many thanks to Pete, who was genuinely surprised to learn that I'm over 30. Or at least he seemed genuinely surprised.

  • Ooooh shiny: Melanie's got a beautiful new ring, thanks to Chris who finally proposed and splashed out for a lovely, sparkly piece of jewelry. Very jealous, me.

  • You know you're getting broody when: Your friend's baby dribbles and you think it's really cute, and/or, you pass around your friend's baby's little boot going "awwwwwwww".

  • Best costume award: My Mom said that she had a kid come to her door on Halloween with a bag on his head like the Unknown Comic (is anyone else old enough to remember "The Gong Show"?).

  • Silly question award: Whilst lying on a table half naked with 8 acupuncture needles protruding from my back, the osteopath asks, "Are you comfortable?"

  • Stay tuned: Fireworks pictures and perhaps a short mpeg or two from Guy Fawkes night coming soon!

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