Sunday 11 May 2003

ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

Legs hurt. Back hurts. Feet hurt. Bum hurts. Head hurts. Had lots of fun (except when Heather had to practically carry me over the finish line, the sweetheart). Firemen waved at us. Prince Charles televised a prerecorded message that bored us all. Had Quorn pasta before the walk (that one was for you, Wallace). We belly danced at people who told us they loved our costumes. Paul and Jack got to see boobies all night long. Raised lots of money. Glad I did the walk. A good time was had by all. Need to go back to bed now.

P.S. Happy (North American) Mother's Day to all you fabulous Moms out there, and especially to my Mom. She's the lady who sends me care packages (a little pricier to send than when I lived in Montreal, but she still sends them anyway), has discovered email and sends me all the news from home, keeps my workmates happy with regular shipments of Canadian chocolate, and who takes very good care of me even though I am 3,000 miles from home. Thanks, Mom.

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