Wednesday 7 May 2003

are we there yet?

Why do stressful things always happen just before I go on holiday? Is it someone's way of ensuring that I truly enjoy my break by giving me a week of cack beforehand? If it is, stop it! Stop, I say! A project at work is dragging on and snowballing into something I probably won't be able to close in the working days I have left. We're still waiting to hear about the mortgage. I've got to walk around London in my bra on Saturday night, and couldn't get in my final training walks because I did something evil to my neck. I have to pack. I discovered a big zit on my person last night. I realised that I haven't driven in North America in a very long time, and we're about to embark on a 2 week driving holiday. (Right right right, remember to keep to the right.)

I'm thinking that listening to The Smiths today probably isn't helping. Must switch to more jovial music. Like Joy Division.

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