Wednesday 14 January 2009

little things

So Jack was telling us some jokes on the way to nursery today: "Why did the zebra eat the tomato? Because HE LIKES IT! Baaahahahahahaha! Why did the owl eat the banana? Because HE LIKES IT! Baaahahahahahaha!" and so on. Mia looked uncertain, but laughed along anyway.

Mia says: mummy (finally!! Paul and I have both been "daddy" up until this week), Jack, meow, hat, shoes, yeah, no, "one, two, threeee!", bye, hiya, dog, woof, uhoh, gone, look, ta, hot (mostly referring to the oven), yum yum, duck, cheese, cheers, eye, and baby. Sometimes all at the same time.

Junior Mint is still wriggling away in there, and the 20 week scan has been booked for Feb 16. I'm feeling so much better these days, and have even been eating healthily and exercising. I give it a month, tops (both the feeling good and the healthy regime.) I'm huge and looking properly pregnant, but I much prefer that to the "Has she been eating too many pies lately?" look. For the record, we are both very much leaning towards JM being a boy.

Hmm. Wonder if anyone would mind if I crawled under my desk and took a nap for an hour or so?

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