Monday 26 January 2009

DfT Tales of the Road - Part 2

This is the second ad from the "Tales of the Road" series from the Department for Transport. Keeping with the same Tim Burton-esque animation as the previous advert, this one is notably less "gory" than the first and I think will be more effective.

I like that they're running this campaign because I find English roads to be incredibly dark on the most part. Although my area is dotted with several villages, there are several very rural areas where there are no lights and in some cases, narrow or single-track roads. Also, Cambridgeshire is incredibly flat, making it ideal for cycling. I think it's hugely important to convince kids to wear reflective gear and be seen because of all this. It's quite sad, we've got reflective tags and flashing lights to attach to our dog for evening walks, but I didn't have anything reflective for the kids until recently. I hope this campaign makes more parents aware, like it has done for me.

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