Monday 19 January 2009

and here's me, without coffee

There is nothing worse than being totally, totally exhausted but unable to fall asleep every night. Well, okay. There are lots of things worse than this, but humour me...I don't have time for perspective and reality right now. I just can't fall asleep quickly anymore. I go upstairs early, I get all snuggled into bed, I read, read some more, put the book down, close my eyes, and lie there for an hour or two until I finally succumb to sleep. By that time, it's around 1am and I'm a zombie by morning. I feel like I've had too many espressos at the end of every day; all jittery and unable to relax. I've tried Rescue Remedy, lavender oil, and warm milk (BLEAH), but nothing seems to work. I had this with Jack and Mia, too. Pesky hormones.

Forgot to mention, at my midwife appointment last Thursday, Junior Mint's heart rate ranged from 142 (boy!) to 158 (girl!) in the couple of minutes Jane had the Sonicaid on me. So really, it's anyone's guess right now. Still leaning towards boy.

The Big Scan is in four weeks, and I cannot wait. Thankfully I managed to snag a 9:00am slot, so no hanging around all day watching the clock. And no having to waddle around for ages with a bladder about to burst.

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