Tuesday 24 April 2007

i'm still not glowing

For those of you who are squeamish or feel that there are some things you'd really rather not know about my body, turn away now. I have just been diagnosed with something called a perianal haematoma, an incredibly painful condition due to the weight of my bump that will apparently cure itself after the birth. Grand - only two months to go, then. I'm usually pretty good at dealing with pain, but this has reduced me to hysterics and crying fits over the past few days.

I ended up at the hospital on Saturday to see an out of hours doctor (who enlightened me about this delightful injury), spent the weekend confined to a sofa (I cannot thank my in-laws enough for doing everything to make sure I could rest), and spent this morning between my GP and a surgical consult team at the hospital. That's right, a whole damn team of people looked at my arse this morning; I cannot tell you how thrilled I was about that. A surgeon, OB, nurse, and assorted med students were present at my examination, while my husband (who will never look at my butt the same way again) kept me company. The verdict? It's massive (said by two different doctors with both sympathy and awe), nothing can be done, but here, have some soothing anesthetic gel so that you can keep your sanity. Apparently you can get surgery to alleviate the pressure, but that can also induce labour. So you know, I think I'll pass on that option.

The gel has helped thankfully, but there's nothing else I can do but apply ice packs and stay on my side. It should shrink with time, but won't go away completely until the baby is born. It's my last week at work but I will likely dial in from home because sitting just isn't in my repertoire at the moment. Jack's been saying things like "Mummy's crying" and "Mummy's bum sore" lately. Cute but not really the sort of thing you want him to repeat at nursery.

So no, not really glowing right now.

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