Sunday 25 March 2007

we've dipped our baby in bronze!

Back from our 3D scan, and we're over the moon. It's most definitely a girl because we saw her bum region in 3D - and a distinct lack of dangly bits. My pesky anterior placenta made it a bit tricky to get good shots without "interference" like a TV channel with bad reception (which makes me wonder what kind of weird things my placenta is emitting, frankly), but the fantastic news is, my placenta is no longer low and shouldn't pose a problem with a vaginal birth. Phew and yippie! Beanie was head down, her back to my side. At first, she had her nose right up against the uterine wall, making her look like she had her face pressed up against a glass window.

She's got a little upturned nose, just like her big brother:

and the same long fingers, too:

She enjoys doing baby yoga in her spare time:

and strummin' on the ol' umbilical cord:

Just because I did the same embarrassing thing to her big bro, here is a shot of her nether regions:

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