Wednesday 28 March 2007

quotes from a little boy

"NO SLEEP, MUMMY!" (when I attempted to shut my eyes for a few seconds, Jack decided to whack my leg and shout this at me until I opened them)
"Lie down, puppy! Lie down, mummy!" (but I refuse to fetch)
"I was sleeping." (which he did, all night - long may it last)
"No Jasper, that's MY juice!" (Jasper responded with a puzzled stare that said "Look kid, I'm only interested if you drop bits of your dinner or happen to be carrying a sandwich.")
"Daddy is doing a wee wee." (thank you for letting me know)
"Kick the baby!" (Jack had his head on my belly and I said "The baby's giving you a little kick!" Jack then put his foot on my bump and tried to give her a kick back.)
"HELLO BABY!" (shouted with his mouth directly on my bare belly)
"Daddy is getting puppy's poo!" (observation made while watching Paul scoop poop in the backyard)

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