Thursday 8 March 2007

the very hungry caterpillar

I'm so hungry, but very annoyingly, either I run out of stomach space before I'm truly full or heartburn pays me a visit and kicks me in the arse. Why is this happening so soon this time? I didn't get to this point until the end of the third trimester with Jack. Maybe if I bounce up and down, the baby will move lower into my pelvis and I'll be able to gorge on ice cream and curry again. Must remember to borrow the neighbour's trampoline.

Jack is now officially addicted to television and makes repeated requests for his favourite programmes. Not that we comply all the time, but we do allow him regular viewings of Thomas and Pooh. When we don't want him to watch television, we'll tell him that "Pooh is sleeping right now." This will prompt a roll call just to check if some of the other characters are actually awake and willing to entertain him at the moment. "Pig-it?" "No, Piglet's asleep." "Ee-oh?" "Eeyore's asleep, too." "Tigga?" etc. I give it another six months before he learns how to work the Sky+ box to see if his shows have been deleted.

I've had three people in the past week say things to me like "Woooo! That bump is getting big!" I honestly don't mind - I love my growing belly and I'm extremely pleased to look pregnant and not just like I've spent too much time with my face in a pie tin.

And finally, I would like to say that under the bump maternity trousers suck. How on earth are they supposed to stay up? I've even tried using a belly band to hold things in place, but to no avail. Really, they make me look like a builder, and no one wants to see that.

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