Tuesday 27 March 2007

a taste of lisa

I've been watching the new series from Nigel Slater called "A Taste of My Life", which although slightly sycophantic (is it just me, or does he look like he's secretly lusting after all of his guests, including Vanessa Redrave? Gads.) it's been quite interesting. Taking the lead from this programme, I've had a think about some of the food categories he discusses with his guests. Feel free to join in and fill in your own answers. Go on, play along!

Food of childhood: It's an odd combination of my Japanese heritage and my mother's penchant for soup-based casserole recipes clipped out of Chatelaine magazine. Foods that take me back to my childhood are my grandmother's sushi and chow mein, tuna casserole (take one box of cooked/prepared Kraft Dinner, add one tin of tuna and one tin of cream of mushroom soup, add peas and bake until the top is crunchy), lasagna (my mother's best dish), and chicken coated in Shake n' Bake. I'm amazed I'm still alive, frankly.

Food of love: The first thing Paul ever cooked for me was scrambled eggs on toast. He always does eggs perfectly (creamy and not overcooked); that morning he put mine on one slice of buttered toast, and cut another diagonally and placed it artfully on each side of the whole slice. We ate our breakfast on a little wrought iron table in my courtyard garden, on a gloriously sunny morning. Knowing that I had managed to bag a man who could cook made me the happiest girl on earth. And still does.

Food of success: My first "posh meal" at a gen-u-ine Michelin-starred restaurant was in September 2005 at the New Angel in Devon. It was nice, but we actually had a nicer meal the night before at the no-star restaurant Tanners in Plymouth.

Last meal: Depending on my mood, it would either be a proper roast dinner or something more elaborate involving fresh seafood and an authentic cheesecake for dessert. Then again, I'd possibly want a huge meal from my favourite Indian restaurant. Hmmm. Although I suppose if I knew it was my last meal, I'd likely be too nervous/traumatised to eat. Maybe I would just stick my head in a large tub of Green and Blacks vanilla ice cream.

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