Tuesday 16 January 2007

it's a...

BABY! Okay, okay - they think it's a girl but we're not 100% sure. Apparently my morning orange juice made our baby bounce around like a Superball, so the sonographer couldn't get a clear view of the nether regions. We definitely didn't spot any dangly bits when they measured the femur, and we did see a "burger" (the term often used to describe girl parts in ultrasounds). I have another scan in just over two weeks, so hopefully we'll get a better look then.

In the meantime, I'm just very happy to have seen our healthy (and active) baby. We didn't get many details from this scan, but I did find out that I have an anterior placenta. That probably explains why I didn't feel any movement until later than Jack, and why I don't feel it very often. Otherwise, it isn't a cause for concern and I assume that everything else looked okay if no one claimed the contrary. Phew and hurrah.

I won't run out and buy pink yet because a) we avoided buying gender-specific things for Jack until he was born just in case the scan was wrong and b) I dislike pink. I do like girly things (like my friend's daughter Naomi's adorable little shiny red shoes) but I'm not big on bubblegum Barbie pink princess frilly frou frou things. Gosh, a girl. Mama mia.

Thank you for the positive comments! I may ask for them again in another two weeks.

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