Tuesday 23 January 2007

the baby wants fajitas

So apparently an anterior placenta can mean that you don't feel baby movements as often (or as well), but apparently somebody failed to mention this to Beanie. Kicks, rolls, squirms, pokes, prods, wriggles - although not felt as often as they were with Jack, they are most definitely there. Which, may I say, is hugely reassuring. The only downside to my placental location is that the baby may go back-to-back during labour. The theory is that babies like to face the placenta (and why not...there's bug all else in there to look at), so a placenta at the front of the uterus means a forward-facing baby. This can mean back labour. Mama don't want back labour if she's birthin' at home without them heavy drugs. I'll just have to be extra diligent about this in the later weeks, although it's something I did with Jack as well, just as a precaution.

Regarding today's subject line, Beanie really loves spicy foods but luckily, doesn't care too much about sweets.

Jack has been making me laugh so much lately (and he knows it - he's such a ham). At the grocery store yesterday afternoon, he kept shouting out "Morning!" to people as they walked by. The other day, he put on Paul's baseball cap while carrying Jasper's toy rope around, and I thought he looked a bit like Indiana Jones:

And finally, here's a belly pic from today:

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