Wednesday 3 January 2007

for the record

Before I forget (and really just for my own obsessive record-keeping), here is a list of all the symptoms I've had since the beginning:
-metallic taste in my mouth (that was a new one for me...not nice)
-morning sickness (ditto)
-severe headaches (ditto again)
-cravings for and aversions to specific foods (this was another new one)
-various digestive issues I won't get into
-lower back pain
-dry skin (I'm like a molting reptile over here)
-greasy hair (lovely combination, eh?)
-fabulous pregnancy nails
-boobs haven't expanded, but the belly is gonna get me
-abdominal cramping/pulling/stretching/pain if I move suddenly or sneeze with a bit too much vigour

But I'm feeling much better now, thanks. Well, except for the back pain, heartburn, dry skin, greasy hair, and and huge belly. Otherwise, I'm peachy.

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