Tuesday 2 January 2007

happy new year!

Amazingly, I managed to stay awake past midnight and ring in the new year with my lovely husband. I even had a glass of bubbly, because that's the kind of party animal that I am. Then I went to bed. Rawk on!

It's been a grand year, but then again, the last few years have also been grand. I expect the coming year to be grand as well, but extremely tiring. I never make resolutions, particularly when I'm pregnant. What am I going to give up, water? Vegetables? Doing housework? Wait, I like the sound of that last one. What we do every year is we eat like fiends during the holidays and then get back to something resembling a healthy diet when the holidays are over. Take today, for example. So far, I've had a bowl of my favourite granola cereal, some wholemeal bread with chickpea pate and soup for lunch, an apple, and I'm planning on making grilled salmon with salsa verde, salad, and potatoes for supper. My halo is a'shinin'.

We had a fantastic Christmas, and the best part was seeing Jack getting excited about everything (unlike last year when the whole Christmas concept eluded him). He discovered the word "baubles" (that's Christmas tree ornaments back home) and enjoyed pointing them out on our tree sounding a lot like the fish from Finding Nemo: "Baubles! Baubles! Baubles!" All of his presents actually did arrive on time, restoring my faith in the Early Learning Centre. His new favourite sentence is "MY digger" with a warning glance at the dog should he venture too close to said vehicle.

My big present from Paul was a spa day. A spa day! A whole day involving a massage, body scrub, facial, pedicure, manicure, floating around in a pool, and lunch. Oh yes.

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday. x

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